2-in-1 Summer Fun: Cross Stitch and Chinese Painting & Calligraphy
Instructors: Carmel Rice and Yuli Zhu
Grades: Rising 5th to Rising 8th  
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Cross Stitch: Join instructor Carmel Rice for an introduction to cross stitch! Cross stitch is an easy craft to learn, and it's creative, relaxing and enjoyable. It's a form of embroidery where beautiful designs can be created with patience and attention to detail, all by stitching a pattern of "x" shapes. Carmel has made many different cross stitch designs since she was young. She will be bringing in her work to inspire her students.
Chinese Painting & Calligraphy: Evergreen teacher Yuli Zhu brings children this introduction to Chinese language and culture through art. The class will begin with traditional Chinese painting. Next, they’ll work on learning different characters and their meanings with an introduction to Chinese writing skills and the process of calligraphy. We’ll taste some traditional Chinese foods too!   

2-in-1 Summer Fun: Painting & Printing Pop Art and Weaving  
Instructor: Shellwyn Badger 
Grades: Rising 3rd to Rising 6th  
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Painting & Printing Pop Art: Beautiful, bright works of art will emerge throughout the duration of this course. Using paint as the primary medium, students will use photography, advertisements, and famous works of art as inspiration to create their own pieces of pop art. The class will work with repetition in art, printing techniques, and mixing bold, loud colors to express vibrant images and messages. Students will explore the use of canvas creating their own spin on historical art by replicating famous works from the 1960’s pop art genre. 
Weaving: Indigenous peoples from all over the world have enjoyed weaving to create textiles. The class will study various weaving cultures, and build our own cardboard looms to weave bags, pillows, coasters, or other ideas your child might have.

Philosophy: No Question Too Small to Be Big 
Instructor: Bryan Carr
Grades: Rising 3rd to Rising 5th   
9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Philosophy is both the foundation and the peak of education, and young people are naturals at it if given the chance. In this introduction to philosophy class, we will start with stories, games and movie and video clips, as well as food, and then move on together to rediscover the biggest, most perplexing issues of all. Rather than be told answers, students will generate questions, by thinking together about science, ethics, art, and more. We will discover that thought is a great deal of fun, while developing critical thinking and listening carefully to each other. Because there is no end to puzzlement or to understanding, this class is never the same twice, and so is appropriate for both first-time and returning students. Dialogue is guided by the instructor.

Intermediate Chess 
Instructor: Leo Stefurak
Grades: Rising 1st to Rising 6th   
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Children who have had previous chess instruction may enroll in this intermediate-level class. Tactical skills and middle-game strategies will be emphasized as students build upon their opening knowledge and individual styles. A training tournament will be conducted each afternoon, enabling students to join theory with practice. Chess makes learning fun!
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